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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  March 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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murdered in her own driveway. the move police say she made to protect her daughter that got her killed. philadelphia is pushing the gun laws into effect today. the new effort to make neighborhoods safer. shower later today in partial area and then a warmup and a chilly plunge for all of us. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. >> if you go in the right direction, you'll have a nice wind to your back. that wichbld is going to make things colder but we'll see a warmup first. a little bit of a breeze blowing. we're watching for rain. not much to show you here. most of it's off to the northeast. new york seeing some rainfall.
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just a few sprinkles now in burlington county. trenton had seen a few raindrops. mercer county and eastern mercer county. most of the areas are dry and warmer because of the clouds. northeast philadelphia is 47 degrees and we're headed for the 60s on this st. patrick's day. got some green on boathouse row. 43 degrees at 6:00. by 9:00, 50. 60 degrees at lunchtime. we'll go hour by hour with future weather. first we'll check in with katy. >> good morning. love that green on boathouse row. isn't that lovely? free and clear. if you're headed on the northeast extension this morning, just be aware of the overnight construction but that should be lifting in the next hour or so. 476 drive times this morning between 95 and 47 f, 14 15
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minutes in both directions. no issues to address there. between bridge street and cottman just be aware of possibly some lane constrictions because of the increase in overnight construction we've been seeing for a while. tracy? new from overnight, police have charge add man in the murder of a lehigh valley mother other the weekend. police say 20-year-old caleb barnes stabbed her in her driveway. she was killed hours after she tried to end the relationship that barnes had with her 14-year-old daughter. they say barnes drove her car in south white hall township where he buried her body attempted to hide her vehicle in the pond off applewood road and then went back to the woman's home and the 14-year-old daughter was with him. barnes is also charged with statutory sexual assault involving the teen. two temple university football players are free on bond after they were arraigned
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on change overcharges overnight. temple university says it is aware of the situation and are cooperating with police. dockness and redick have been suspended from the team pending further investigation. jury selection begins today in the case of six former philadelphia narcotics officers accused of robbing suspected drug dealers. they all have plead not guilty. five of them are under house arrest. openings are scheduled for march 30th. a man accused in a drunk driving crash that killed a brother and sister on valentine's day is charged with dui and homicide by vehicle. witnesses told police that he was speeding and driving erratically when he slammed into
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a middle a minivan. teenage teenagers shar were killed. other family members survived. bringing a philadelphia community together to stop the violence after two shootings including that of a philadelphia police officer. jesse gary has more to tell us thb plan. jesse? >> reporter: tracy, part of it involves bringing guns and street violence into the courthouse to tell their stories. a coalition of groups believes letting victims hear directly may play a role in how cases are adjudicated and hopefully lead to fewer guns on the streets. the slaying of philadelphia cop robert wilson iii during a robbery has put a spotlight on the problem. advocate says the everyday fear
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of violence harms communities too. >> for a long time there was a misconception that gun cases were a victimless crime because guns were not discharged. however, there are victims, people who feel like hostages in their own home. >> jeffrey dempsey of cease-fire p.a. say there are so many cases in the court system it doesn't take very long to have someone come in and give a victim impact statement. coming up a local politician has a plan for addressing this problem. we'll hear from her in 30 minutes. happening today the philadelphia wildcats are heading to pittsburgh ahead of their ncaa basketball tournament. plenty of excitement for nova nation all across our area to capture the top seed in the east region and they will take on the number 16 seed the lafayette leopards of eastern p.a. their coach is han lynn.
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tip offis set off for thursday night. as if chip kelly didn't drive us all crazy last week he brought in former denver broncos and jets quarterback tim tebow. tebow hasn't played in two years. he left philly without a deal and it's reported the birds will not be signing him at this time. >> i tweeted that out and they're like what? fascinating. what's old could some day be new again and make the morning commute a little easier for a lot of people. >> next the hefty price tag of getting patco's dorman franklin square station back in business. and later this morning a penn state professor who disrupted a flight. the point she was trying to make that ended with her in handcuffs. >> we've got clouds in the area but not too many showers. beach avenue -- boathouse row is lit up on st. patrick's day and
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we'll see the temperatures heed up as we head into the afternoon. we're talking 60s. forecast just ahead.
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the improving economy may be why your next flight is crowd. it projects the number of people flying to grow by 2% per year. that would be equal to about a billion passengers in 2029. 1.14 -- 1.14 billion passengers by 2035. u.s. airlines said they had 76 million passengers last year. >> police are writing more tickets for safety violations. here's a look at the breakdown. police issued nearly 100,000 tickets for poorly maintained lights tickets for chipd or broken windshields rose 40% and
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vehicles with worn tires. $18 million. that's how much it would cost to reopen philadelphia's ghost station. it was abandoned in 1979. the station would serve 1,300 passengers daily but the report finds most already use another station. cloudy start is helping temperatures stay a bit warmer this morning. we're seeing readings that are in the 40s and 30s for the pocono mountains. 38 degrees. trenton and dover both in the middle 40s right now. boathouse rojas some green and so does the radar. a few scattered showers in the area. not everybody is seeing them. in fact, here at the nbc 10 studios, it is completely dry. clouds overhead. not much wind just yet. that change this afternoon. there go the last few showers
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moving through ocean county. just a few sprinkles. most of the areas will stay dry and see a quick warmup. 62 by noontime but watch what happens this afternoon. winds kick in and the numbers come down. 40s and 50s by 5:00 this afternoon and they go even lower this evening. early tomorrow morning we'll see the numbers drop below freezing and that sets the stage for some snow and some rain just as winter comes to an end. seven-day forecast with the timing when i'm back in 10. 4:41 at this hour. typically the issue is road construction. >> starting to clear. katy zachry is watching the roads for us this morning. katy? >> yes. starting to clear is the operative phrase tracy. this is near the ben franklin bridge. all the bridges look good. the ben, the betsy, the walt. nothing to talk about this hour.
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we were talking about construction nchl the last ten minutes we have watched construction clear at cottman. a touching moment for philadelphia police officer robert wilson. the obstruction that was no match for the parade to honor the fallen hero. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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. this morning a penn state professor arrested on a flight. one passenger pulled out her cell phone and started recording her outbursts on an american airline plane after it landed in miami. she said she was protesting u.s. imperialism and did not mean any harm but she was arrested and questioned by the fbi. she said this may not be the last time she protests. we want to show you tauching
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moment from the day that philadelphia police officer robert wilson was laid to rest. they're lifting a car that was blocking the funeral procession for officer wilson. they were able to carry it to the side of the road. the moment has already been shared by thousands of people on a facebook page. >> really incredible story. three philadelphia teenagers will learn the price they will pay on a series of attacks on a mentally challenged man. the video went viral last summer. prosecutors say the video shows them kicking and punching the man. yesterday the judge sentenced the teens to spend the summer in juvenile state facility. the boys will remain under house arrest until the end of the year. three homes have one fire department taking new precautions. investigators believe all three blasts were caused by gas leaks.
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the most recent was saturday in seaside heights. they say any time they're called an ambulance crew will also be sent alone. he was told if ems wasn't at one of the other explosions the victim could have been much worse off. crews are still cleaning up an oil spill at wilmington more than a week after it happened. the spill happened last monday. our partners at news works reports that the u.s. coast guard and delaware's didn't of natural resources is in charge of cleaning up the 1,500 feet of shoreline. new information for drivingers in the garden state. the next team a police officer asks for a license you might be able to say i've got an app for that. the new jersey state senate approve add billfirg whether the state should allow lek tropic driver's license and another to show proof of insurance on their smartphones. delaware lawmakers are considering a similar bill.
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also in new jersey there's a new push to offer driver's licenses to undockumented immigrants. it would grant driving privileges to undocumented immigrants. they say it would make the roads safer because they would learn the laws. it would have economic benefits. insurance and car broker would see increased business. >> they will feel like they're contributed to our state in a way and feel like it's an opportunity to have -- to feelline like they have something legal in their hands that they can present wherever they go. >> 11 states in the district of columbia offer licensed to undocumented residents. none of those states are in our immediate area. new jersey lottery lovers are a step closer to seeing doorstep delivery become a reality under a new bill. courier services could register with the lottery commission and
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deliver tickets. a new jersey assembly commit kmit tee voted in favor of it. they want to broaden the customer base and make it easier for the home bound to play. it is 4:48. a local labor leader is challenging the candidacy of milton street. yesterday lawyers filed a challenge against street's campaign. they claim he is not a registered democrat and does not live in philadelphia. he's the brother of the former mayor john street. we reached out to milton street for comment but we've not heard bad but he told "the philadelphia inquirer" it was sad and frivolous. the teachers union announced it lwill support him. kenny and street are among six candidates for philadelphia
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mayer.may mayor mayor. now, before you vote in the primary, which is may 19th nbc 10 will get the answers you need from the candidates. we're farther nevering with the greater philadelphia chamber of commerce for the first maieral debate. jim rosenfeld will moderate the event. you can watch it live right here. if you have questions for the candidates, let us know. you can submit them right now on or our nbc 10 app. >> my alma mater got in but yours did not. >> temple. >> i put nova. >> against byu? >> of course thiefrmt in the playoff game today. hopefully you filled out your brackets. >> officer workers are certainly busy putting the finishing touches on their bracket. not too much work getting done. but betting on the games is risky business at best. math me tishematicians say the odds of
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having a perfect are 1 in 9 quintillion. i don't know what that is. >> it's a lot of zeros. >> a lot of oddsmakers say the point spread might help you a little bit but novices have just as good a chance as well. bottom line bracketology wins winsing boils down to a whole lot of luck. we pick ours by mascot and school colors. it could work. it could work. so about a thousand times more likely to hit the powerball then. so that's good news. i'll take that as good news. let me show you what's happening this morning. clouds overhead. no wind yet but that's going to change this afternoon. it's going be a cold wind blowing. before it gets here we're going to see the temperatures climb from the 40s into the 60s early this afternoon. pocono mountains, things are drying out this morning. a few scattered line rain showers.
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most of those are already moving out. 45 in trenton. wilmington 42. blue belle is 45. down to 41 in college ville and the temperatures may come down a little bit more but not much. as far as that rain that's coming down the last few showers are now moving through eastern new jersey. you can see them pass trenton right now into ocean county that. ire about done this morning. but the wind that's going to get started the afternoon. 8:00 this morning, the wind's fairly light. most of the area below 10 miles an hour. watch as we go into the early afternoon hours. 20-mile-an-hour winds and stronger in the area with gusts that could go as high as 40 miles an hour this afternoon. that's going to be a cold wind blowing. so we will peak in the 50s. upper 50s low 60s. then the wind takes of. later this afternoon that's when the cold air comes in and you'll feel it tomorrow morning. 28 degrees to start with and 42 degrees tomorrow afternoon. 20 degrees colder than today.
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and the chill sticks around for thursday. and unfortunately friday. in the final hours of winter we have a wintry mix moving in. snow and rain on friday with a high of 44 degree. it will all be out of here for the weekend, however. saturday, not bad. 53 degrees. high temperature with partly sunny skies. then another cold wind kicks in for sunday and monday. >> all right. thank you, bill. i think. traffic alert in montgomery county. the bridge is out indefinitely. penndot says it's structurally damaged. detour signs are being posted. >> let's find out what else you need to know about the roads as you head out this morning. >> here's katy. >> movieing from montgomery county to chester county things are looking good.
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along route 100 i'm getting word it's closed. speaking of new jersey a live look right at route 70. nothing to account for considerable volume. you might encounter work at springdale that's counting for construction. vai. >> tickets will go on sale to see meghan trainer. she will perform at the fair july 7th. new kids on the block will also take the stage which is in its 96th year. on st. patrick's day, nbc 10 finds how irish the county is. brimming with green and orange pride. prime pieces of real estate. when we come back.
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the time is four minutes before 5:00. the upcoming visit of pope francis to philadelphia will be accompanied by someone who happens to be a candidate for philadelphia mayor. religious leaders announce they have produced history making productions. the documentaries are both related to the world meeting of families and papal visit. the world meeting of families will be held the last full week of september. pope francis will visit philadelphia at the end of the week weekend of september 25th which is just over more than six months away. so it's coming and there's a lot of preparations. nbc 10 will be there to brick it all to you. atlantic city officials unveil plans to revamp gardner's basin. these spots are prime real estate in atlantic city.
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nbc 10 got a first look at the report's conceptual plans. they include the addition of a new retail village, waterfront restaurant new entrance drive and parking lot and an expansion of the existing therein city aquarium. the mostly empty former airport spread out over 140 acres. city planners believe the improvement should come in phases starting with the installation of baseball and soccer fields to bring some life into bader. >> probably one of the most valuable on all of the east coast because it's surrounded by water. >> the city is currently soliciting proposals for bader field. expects to begin that process for guarders in basin in the next month or two. president obama is caring on a white house tradition this st. patrick's day. he'll welcome the irish prime minister to washington.
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the two will participate in the shamrock smaen, a tradition that began with harry truman. so how irish is your town? >> according to real estate website truvia boston's ancestry is irish, more than 26% and cabot comes in at number 7, believe it or not, with 14.8. philadelphia is right behind it 14.2 and wilmington is tenth claiming irish descent. this is based on the u.s. census data. among counties in tri-state area, cape may county has the most irish, 21.8%. delaware county is a close second. 21.1. i know a lot of good irish friends in delaware county and gloucester and bucks ties for third. >> on st. patrick's day, everybody is irish.
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>>. millimeter. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news" starts right now. this man is under arrested accused of killing his girlfriend's mother. what police say the victim did that set him off. and crime concerns. tonight the community will come together to serve for solutions to end gun violence. how the kre cent murder of a philadelphia police officer is helping to spark today's action. right now rain is moving out of the area but we may be kicking off spring with showers of a different kind. cold air is coming and that could mean snow before the week is out. how about that. i said it. snow. possibly. goodñ éq morning. welcome to n b kr"nbc 10 news" today"." it's st. pay trick's day, for goodness sakes. i'm tracy davidson. let's begin with the first alert weather forecast. talk about the snow later. >> we will talk about snow later. on st. patrick's day, we'll have
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none of it. the luck of the irish is working in our behalf and we're see the temperature this morning and early this afternoon climb peak peeking in the low 60s. right now clouds over center city. it is dry as far as the wet weather is concerned. it's mainly to the north. pocono mountains seeing scattered rain showers. they're streaming to the east so most of those are going be missing our area. the temperatures thanks to the clouds are running warmer than yesterday. we were in the low 0s yesterday morning. right now it's ha degrees in philadelphia. allentown is at 39 degrees and 40s for wilmington and trenton. wind is blowing this afternoon. it will be stronger at the surface. right now it's above building level seeing that gusty wind. by lunchtime we'll be up to 60 degrees. not much warmer than that especially once the winds kick in. hour by hour forecast once we're back in ten. let's check in


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